GMN Examiner

Summer 2010

Are you a new grantmaker starting from scratch? Is your organization’s grantmaking changing or increasing, therefore creating a need for additional or specialized grants administration staff? Does your title accurately reflect the work that you do? These scenarios present a complexity felt by funders old and new – how can grantmakers most effectively staff the grants management function? 

As I go around the country and meet members, potential members, and funder network colleagues, three things about GMN operations always amaze people—the high number of volunteers, the low number of staff, and our voluntary dues structure.     

As grantmakers continue to explore ways to streamline their processes and effectively measure impact, the move to online systems is a natural evolution. One potential stumbling block has been the inability to verify that the appropriate people have reviewed the content and budget of the proposal and agreed to the terms of a grant. Electronic signatures can be the solution to this dilemma. To discover more about electronic signatures and how to incorporate them into your process.

Missed Maryland? Blew off Baltimore? Learn more about GMN’s 5th Annual Conference and start planning for next year’s trip to Seattle.

A recent series of GMN Examiner articles followed the field-wide discussion on whether and how grantmakers should track and disclose the diversity of their boards, staff, grantees, and vendors. We’d like to continue that discussion by taking a look inward — at GMN membership and leadership. Learn more about the diversity of our profession, the organization that represents it, and how you can become involved in ensuring GMN has representative leadership.

Fundraising – although the word begins with FUN, actually asking others for money can be challenging. But the GMN Fundraising Team is excited to explain how becoming a Contributing Organization Member can help you get the most out of GMN while giving back to this unique membership organization.


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Coming Soon:  New Project Streamline Tool and release of the Beyond the Recycling Bin: Greening Practices of Grantmakers report