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The Chinese character for “crisis” has been expressed by the combination of the two words “danger” and “opportunity.” Universally, grants managers are reporting increased workloads. Some members are viewing this as an opportunity to streamline their grants management requirements and practices to keep job responsibilities manageable while actually improving how grantmaking is done at their organizations. Learn how they are doing it and share your own ideas for handling job changes.

Lucy Bernholz, a noted philanthropic industry analyst, explores the role of the grants manager in harnessing the power of data within the “passion-driven” business of philanthropy.

GMN is proud to announce that Andrew McFarland (Sea Change Foundation) and Ericka Novotny (The Annenberg Foundation) have been appointed as Interim directors, serving as Co-Chairs of the Membership Committee. In this unedited, no holds bar interview, learn more about what makes these two GMN dynamos, and where they’d like to hold the next GMN conference.

How green is your grantmaking? As a field committed to social awareness, many philanthropic organizations, including GMN, are exploring how to make their operations more sustainable. This article will introduce GMN’s new Kermit Squad, and their ongoing efforts to show us that it is easy being green.

Imagine a vision for the philanthropic sector...where grantmaking data from a multitude of sources is compiled in an easily accessible and interactive location…where grantmakers can share due diligence related information…and where collaboration among unlikely partners becomes possible…this is Grantsfire.

If there was ever any doubt in your mind about relying on third-party verification of a nonprofit organization’s non-private foundation status, worry no more. The Internal Revenue Service’s recent release of Rev. Proc. 2009-32 makes this policy official.

Since its release in early 2009, the report “Philanthropy at Its Best®: Benchmarks to Assess and Enhance Grantmaker Impact,” has sparked disagreement, debate, and at times discord within the philanthropic community. This article will help you learn more about the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy’s findings, hear the various viewpoints, and develop your own position on the topic.

Did you know….

Bobby Fergerstrom, Grants Manager at the Entertainment Industry Foundation in Los Angeles designed, implemented, and administers the employee giving program for the Walt Disney Company?

Bobby Fergerstrom

Catherine Covington, Grants Manager at the SunTrust Bank Foundations & Endowments Specialty Practice in Atlanta handles grants management for not one, not two, but more than thirty foundations?

Catherine Covington

Deena Lauver Scotti, Grants Manager at the Missouri Foundation for Health in St. Louis helped to develop and now manages the Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Initiative grants program among a host of other responsibilities?

Deena Lauver Scotti

New: GMN Florida Chapter Launches and Welcome to New Support Staff

Notable: Advice for Grantees Who Lobby

Coming Soon: What Works Webinar Series, Member Survey Results, 2009 Salary Survey, and Guide to Streamlining

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