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January 2012
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Strategic Framework and 2012 Priorities

The GMN Board is pleased to share our Strategic Framework which defines the future direction for GMN and lays out an ambitious set of priorities for 2012.  We thank all of the members who participated in online community discussions, focus groups, and surveys to inform this work. 

GMN is Looking for Volunteers! Members Only

As an active volunteer, you will expand your skills sets and knowledge, build new professional relationships, use your creative talents in unique ways, and boost your resume with additional responsibilities and leadership roles. Not to mention…you will help to make a difference in the grants management field. 

We’ve Moved!

Please update your files to reflect GMN’s new address which is 1666 K Street, NW Suite 440, Washington, DC  20006.  Our phone number (888-GMN-1996) remains unchanged.

Join the Conversation

Grant Budget Revisions  Members Only

Discuss the possibility of implementing a new policy or procedure regarding grantee project rebudgeting at the end of the project period. Any thoughts on project rebudgeting policies?

Vendor Review Process Members Only

What steps do you take to review your vendors? Do you have a formal review process and/or policy for assessing vendors?

Movie Production Grants Members Only

Lights, camera, action! Help create a grant agreement that would stipulate the terms of a grant for the production of a movie covering a social topic in which the grantee specializes.

Boards and the Electronic Age  Members Only

To offset the expenses of creating, printing, and distributing board and committee books, has anyone embraced an iPad or tablet strategy? Share your strategy and any lessons learned delving into the electronic age.


Welcome to the new GMN Examiner! 

We will now share monthly highlights of news, resources, and events of interest to our members and colleagues.  Stay tuned for a new GMN publication in mid-2012 that focuses on articles of interest to the profession.

Face-to-Face Events

January 27, 2012 Members Only
New England Region Winter Meeting
Boston, MA

March 18, 2012
Introduction to Grants Management Workshop
San Antonio, TX

March 19-21, 2012
Grants Managers Network 7th Annual Conference
San Antonio, TX

Virtual Events

January 18, 2012 Members Only
Webinar on Webinar Tools

Webinar Recording Members Only
What Works Webinar: Visualize This!

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