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Fall 2011

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A Consumer’s Guide to Grants Management Software
Explore the options and compare available packages. To be released October 3, 2011

Certificate in Grantmaking Discount
GMN members receive a 15% discount on courses at NYU's Academy for Grantmaking and Funder Education.
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2011 Salary Survey Launching
Members—look for GMN’s biannual salary survey in your email inbox in late September. 
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Why are well-written guidelines important to grantmakers? An informal GMN member survey showed that, on average, one out of every four proposals received are funded. That means of course, that 75 percent of the proposals were turned down. These might seem like pretty good odds to some applicants, but that ratio doesn't tell the whole story.


Michelle Greanias

For many, it’s a daunting task to walk into a room and strike up a conversation. Learn how GMN can help.


Kecia Haggins

Do you find yourself buried in mountains of copies, just hours before a board meeting? Do the words “board book” incite fear and panic? Read on to learn how the new technology may eliminate those late nights at the copy machine.


The G4 Team

If pieces of paper were cookies, how many calories would be sitting on your desk? Learn how your colleagues have challenged themselves to reduce their paper usage!


Miriam Hankins

What can the Online Community do for you? Get the most from your GMN membership.



GMN’s very own advice columnist helps Beginner in Boise connect to resources for those new to the grants management field, including a day-long Introduction to Grants Management workshop at GMN’s 2012 conference.


Jennifer Pedroni

In the imminent words of Bob Dylan, “the times, they are a’changin” with regards to transparency. How are you responding?



Join us for these upcoming local and national learning and professional development opportunities offered by GMN.


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