This interactive workshop will examine the basics required in a grant letter, the construction of a good grant letter, and how to analyze clauses for meaning and interpretation.

Kelly Shipp Simone, Deputy General Counsel, Council on Foundations

What should you look for in financial statements in order to determine the fiscal health of different types of charities? Are they cash flow solvent when they come to you for funding? Are they showing the true costs of the project? What are red flags that point to possible future fiscal or programmatic derailment? This session will answer these questions, help clarify operating and project budget analysis, and facilitate informed and responsible grantmaking.

Tim Stiles, Partner-in-Charge, KPMG Global Grants Program


In this session, participants will delve deeper into the financial fray. Through actual case studies and roundtables, learn about the pitfalls and opportunities of grantmaking, compare varying proposals, and learn what key information makes one proposal potentially a better choice to fund than another.

Tim Stiles, Partner-in-Charge, KPMG Global Grants Program


What kind of difference have you made? Grantmakers are increasingly asked to answer this question and need an outcome framework to do so. Shift your organization’s conceptual identity from being a funder of programs to being an investor in ‘human gain’. Topics will include: (1) defining results; (2) choosing grant application questions that predict success; (3) holding results conversations with grantees; (4) making result-focused grants; (5) assessing grant progress; and (6) determining grant success.

Tiffany Price, Technical Assistance Manager, Mitchell Kapor Foundation

Wendy Watson-Hallowell, Senior Project Leader, Foundation Consulting, The Rensselaerville Institute


Barriers to using technology disappear every day. Technology provides people with easy and inexpensive ways to rally around a cause, bypass traditional forms of fundraising, or start a charity. Examples of successful social media fundraising efforts abound. The data available about American charities—and scrutiny of that data—is growing. What does this mean for nonprofits? How is the philanthropic sector responding? The arrival of bloggers shook up and changed professional journalism. Will a similar shift happen to philanthropy as technology and social media grow in prominence?

Henry Bromelkamp, President, Bromelkamp Company

New to Project Streamline? Join us for a discussion of Project Streamline principles. Explore available tools and resources that can help your organization make its grantmaking more efficient and effective — saving itself and its grantees time and money. Topics covered include: (1) what information you really need to make a grant; (2) ideas for “right-sizing” your application and reporting requirements; (3) features of an effective online application; and (4) the importance of clear communication with applicants and grantees.

Jessica Bearman, Principal, Bearman Consulting


Whether you are new to the field or just looking for a refresher, this session will cover the basics of grantmaking. What are the essential items needed to properly make a grant? Is a grant agreement required? Does the procedure need to be different when the grantee is a church or municipality? This session will help you make sure your due diligence is done and your fundamentals are in place.

Kelly Shipp Simone, Deputy General Counsel, Council on Foundations

The GMN Online Member Community is the best place to connect with other members, ask for advice, and share your experiences to help solve challenges or problems. Please join us to find out how you can get the most out of this valuable resource. Having trouble finding resources on the Online Community? Want to customize it to better to meet your needs? Not sure how to set up your notifications? Need more information about posting a discussion? This interactive session for newer users will provide an overview of GMN’s Online Community and will help optimize your experience with this vital resource. More advanced users can stop by our booth in the Exhibit Hall for hands-on help with specific questions.

Jamie Amagai, Grants Administrator, The Summit Charitable Foundation


This session will cover best practices for planning and designing grants management processes as identified in the GM Guide. Topics will include: solicited and unsolicited proposals; paper and electronic proposals; letters of inquiry and full proposals; deadlines; eligibility; and other topics.

Cathy Luce, Grants Manager, Maine Health Access Foundation

Bonnie Rivers, Grants Manager, Carnegie Corporation of New York

Debra Vought, Senior Program Associate, Burroughs Wellcome Fund

Christine Warren, Executive Assistant/Grants Manager, Irene E. & George A. Davis Foundation 

Most of us have a difficult time talking about ourselves and quantifying our value on the job. You can jump start your job search by learning résumé writing techniques and interviewing strategies. To get the interview, your résumé and cover letter must let prospective employers know exactly what you bring to the table. And during the interview you must bring your skills and knowledge to life, painting a compelling picture of how you will add value, solve problems, and become a trusted member of the organization’s team. This session will uncover the pitfalls most of us fall into when pursuing employment.

Kevin Daniels, President, Northwest Résumés

Margaret Nichols, Executive Coach/Career Consultant and Published Author


Preparing a presentation—researching the information and selecting a technology to deliver it—is the first, and for many, easiest step in communicating effectively.   

But it is up to you to turn all of it into a great, effective presentation that keeps your audience awake and engaged. This session will provide you with tools and pointers to make your next presentation a success. 

David Schulz, PhD, Department of Applied Communications & Director, Integrated Studies, Trinity Lutheran College

Explore how to use the data and information provided by grantees to make better decisions. This session will cover: (1) helping grantees to better communicate their results; (2) assessing grant risk and return; (3) keeping projects ‘on track’ to results; (4) analyzing performance to inform future grants; and (5) using end-of-grant reporting to analyze and communicate grant portfolio impact. This is a companion session to “Building an Outcome Framework to Gauge Grantmaking Effectiveness."

Wendy Watson-Hallowell, Senior Project Leader, Foundation Consulting, The Rensselaerville Institute

Christopher Percopo, Grants Manager, The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust