How to Hold a Webinar

Presenter: Henry A. Bromelkamp, President, Bromelkamp Company

Do your review committees or board convene from long distances? Or is it just hard to get them all together for an hour? Do you hold trainings for your grantees? Do you wish you could just show someone how to fill out your application form? These are good purposes for online meetings. They have numerous advantages over physical meetings, such as scheduling ease, convenience, lower cost, and recordability. But a webinar is not just a conference call with pictures. Henry Bromelkamp’s company depends on webinars for meetings and trainings and customer support. Come learn from him and his staff how to plan, execute, and evaluate a webinar using the principles of distance learning. If your board is accustomed to meeting in Fort Myers, now they can stay home in Michigan, and they don’t need to know you’re in Puerto Vallarta.


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