2013 Strategic Framework

GMN's strategic framework is a road map to a destination shared by our members, leadership, peers, and partners: a richer, more engaged experience with the work of grants management and the opportunities that experience holds for each audience.

Our desired results are long-term objectives that will require multiple years of commitment in order to achieve. Our 2013 priorities are the practical and tactical steps we are taking this year to get GMN closer to those desired results.


GMN's framework is built around a core emphasis on learning. Indeed, the entire organization is in the process of pivoting toward a larger focus on our members' education and professional development needs. With the expertise of our seasoned grants management professionals and the existing structure of the Body of Knowledge, we will develop and deliver opportunities that advance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of grants management professionals.

  • Deliver quality learning opportunities to members through the annual conference, regional meetings, webinars, the online community, and GMN publications.
  • Design a comprehensive plan for achieving GMN’s learning strategy.
  • Deliver a 2013 Salary and Job Responsibilities report that helps grants management professionals benchmark their value and assists employers in monitoring salary trends.



Efficient and effective practices are hallmarks of GMN's work on behalf of the field of philanthropy. Through our work on Project Streamline and other initiatives, GMN has set a standard that our members champion in their own organizations and throughout the field.

  • Assess best practices through Project Streamline and promote the adoption by funders of the most effective application and reporting streamlining practices.
  • Recognize and publicize effective practices and new ideas in the field of philanthropy.



Grants Managers Network is first and foremost a member-driven and member-led community of grantmaking professionals. The participation of our members and their significant contributions to the organization represent significant resources for the ongoing life of the network and the field.

  • Define the scope of grants management as a profession and clarify who the Grants Managers Network serves.
  • Nurture a corps of talented volunteer leaders to help grow their participation and potential and leverage their experience to ensure continuity of services to members.
  • Support and strengthen GMN’s regional chapter operations and management activities to increase member val